• Image of 'Colonial Heritage'

'Colonial Heritage'

Signed Limited Edition
Archival Pigment Print
Edition of 100 on 310gsm acid free paper
81 X 61 cm

‘Colonial Heritage’ by Uk urban artist is a fascinating take on ‘Balinese Girl’ , one of the most popular prints of the 20th. century, by Siberian artist Vladimir Tretchicoff .
It is possible that the popularity of this image was due to the exposure of the British troops stationed in the exotic commonwealth territories during and after the war. This exposure must have been intoxicating to men and boys , many of whom had never been abroad, after the utilitarian drabness post war UK.
Similarly the British troops must have been fascinating to the locals seeming themselves to be offering the possible escape from poverty and a ticket to the west. Many of these soldiers talk of these times as the best of there lives and maybe this image of a beautiful Balinese woman reminded them of this time on their return to grim post war reality in the UK.
Trxtr bought a vintage print of ‘Balinese Girl’ collages and painted over adding tattoos, bullets and missiles transforming her into a freedom fighter.
Postulating that that some of the daughters and granddaughters of the post war occupied territories may have turned to terrorism to oust the occupied forces rather that seducing them in order to escape their situation.