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The first thing we must consider when looking at Trxtr’s work 'DYSTOPIA' is the definition of such; often referred to as a hypothetical society in which a cataclysmic social decline breaks down the quality of life. Trxtr’s work questions whether dystopia is closer to reality than we realize. 

His signature multi-media approach to composition is dominant throughout, yielding strikingly chaotic imagery; a truly unique and contemporary style which he has pioneered by embracing the dual use of paint and digital rendering. 

Trxtr explores a number of themes throughout the show, most dominant of those is the effects of the ever more prominent pornographic portrayal of beauty and femininity, often used to influence public idolization of celebrity and thus corporate brainwashing, sorry, ‘branding’. This includes references to fashions’ infamous and controversial rebel queen, Kate Moss, portrayed alongside morphing images of the obsessive vanity of pop culture, Botox Brangelina and playboy plasticity.( Miss Topia, Moss on Mars)

His use of disturbing kaleidoscopic, perpetual optical illusions throughout demonstrates an indulgent, Class-A inspired mirage eclipsing the mediocrity of common life and distort the reality of those exposed.( Chameleon Miss Fit, Chemical God Diver)
Another re-occurring theme in numerous pieces is that of looming background voyeuristic figures. This is possibly a political reference to the development of a Big Brother style totalitarian state, or is it a darker, more sinister nod to a growing worry of perverse cyber grooming and hidden underworlds hacking into the very core of our personal though increasingly public hardrives?( Miss Orlando 2084 )

One final major theme of the show is the uncontrollable, unstoppable whirlwind of exponential technological development and the subsequent implications and complications that come with it. ( Elephant in the Womb)
Whether it be the effects of the immersive phenomenon of social media, hyper-realistic murderous gaming or morally questionable pornography. 
( Cluster Buck)

Ultimately the long term psychological impact and behavioral influence of these on the oblivious young and innocent are unknown. 

These themes are all inextricably linked and manifest in the curiosity as to the Questions;
Who will the next generation become? What does the future hold? Utopia or Dystopia?
Trxtr himself suggests he is not trying to solve, only to depict; “like sketching a train crash.”